Kingtex Rapier (FastMax)

FastMax high speed rapier loom: Can be driven by super motor directly. Its technology reaches international level and have many patents,with cost performance,perfect man-machine. Easy operation ,high productive efficiency and low production cost,which can satisfy all market demand.


Technical Specification

Speed :

Design max speed 650rpm,optimum speed 500-550rpm,max weft insertion rate 1330m/min

Energy saving :

The super motor direct drive machine,according to the actual load torque,energy saving 20%, and can realize variable speed weaving.

Low failure rate :

No traditional weft finding clutch,slow clutch,main clutch,flywheel,belt,timing belt,thereby reducing the fault source,reduce the more than 40% failure rate.


Servo electronic let off and take up, to achieve constant tension weaving and can realize the variable density of weft weaving.Max warp beam flange Dia. Φ800,Φ1000,Max cloth

Control system :

Adopting 32 bit microcomputer control. Loom auto stop when weft breakage ,warp breakgae,empty weft,multi weft and positioning stop. Automatically detect and display error. Group control management, remote control, on-line diagnosis.

lubricating & Cooling :

Enclosed oil bath lubrication system with cooling unit , ensure the loom temperature rise not exceed 30℃,which can detect oil pressure & temperature. and guarantee all the moving parts to obtain good lubrication and long life.


190cm、210 cm、220 cm、250 cm、260 cm、280 cm、300 cm、320 cm、340 cm、360 cm,Each selvage can be reduced by 30cm.Both selvage can be adjusted by 60cm inall

Weft density :

4~200 pick/cm

Suitable weaving
range :


Selvadge formation :

Rotary electric stepper motor control(single or both sides). Option:Tuck in and selvage Jacquard

Patent :

1) A transmission device of rapier loom:ZL200720050385.8
2) A shedding transmission structure: ZL200920061518.0
3) the loom drive mechanism 201010254891.5 (patent)
4) the loom drive mechanism 201020293769.4 (Utility)

Special pick finding
(Patent) :

To reduce the weft mark,loom can find the yarn by forward slow motion in reverse direction motor pick finding which can adjust the heald level time.

Special weft insertion :

By space 4 linkrod structure,drive rapier wheel reciprocating motion by setor gear. Insert weft at left,handover in middle,superior weft holding mode to ensure a smooth weft handover.

Shedding :

Underneath type electronic Dobby,with 20 shafts heald frame at most.

Weft selection :

Stepper motor control rotary high speed electronic weft selector,4-16 colors(standard 6 colors)

Weft detection
echnology :

Using the current weft detection technology, whether can realize single hole adjustable sensitivity.


FastMax Jacquard


FastMax Dobby