Haijia Airjet Looms

The strong frame was adopted robust wallboard and solid beam, furthermore, we increase middle support to ensure that our loom could work in high speed, low noise and wider reed space.


Technical parameters

Nominal reed space :

150. 170. 190. 210. 230. 280. 300. 320. 340. 360

The effective width :

0~ - 500 - mm (standard); 0 - 700 - mm (optional)

The quantity of nozzle :

double nozzle. four nozzle. six nozzle

Openings way :

plain, cam, dobby, jacquard

Beating-up :

4-linkage beating-up, six linkage beating-up (optional)

Beam diameter :

30 to 800 mm, 30,1000 mm (optional)


Technical Specification

Hard frame and new structure :

The strong frame was adopted robust wallboard and solid beam, Furthermore, we increase middle support to ensure that ourloom could workin high speed ,low voice, and the reed become wider.

Rocking shaft intermediate supporting device :

Rocking shaft adopts solid shaft which is with supporting device in middle, it increases the rigidity of beating structure, the accurate and powerful beating in high speed running is the guarantee for weaving the high-density fabrics.

Optimized design of Beating structure :

Using the four linkage beating structure which is optimized designed by the computer, the beating vibration is short, stoke is small, corresponding the weft time is long, the narrow range of machines adopt 4 linkage beating which has been obtained the excellent evaluation in the of high-speed adaptive inspect. While, the wide range of machines adopt 6 linkage beating in weft's time which is much more enough,thus to realize the stable beating when run with high speed.

Energy saving :

The support block is near from auxiliar3r nozzle, it has a short distance to supply air, better adapted to the high speed operation and lower energy consumption.

Electronic let-off :

To detect the total inspection of warp yarns through tension sensor, the CPU handles the change of warp yarns tension caused by shedding or relax warp, let-off, take-up's change of warp beam, and instructs the servo motor to drive warp beam, thus, this can keep the balanced tension in working procedure and eliminate the secret-mark, ensure the fabric equilibrium &formation. The machine adopts rigidity frame, warp beam gear with large diameter and positive relax warp driving shaft which is built-in oil bath, which makes the weaving machine future to realize high speed and can be more sensitive to adapt the weaving requirements for high-density fabrics.

Take-up device :

We adopt two forms of take-up: mechanical continuous take-up and electronic take-up. It is very effective to prevent the stop-mark to combine with electronic let-off by accurate forwarder and reverse.

Advanced ultra-start motor :

We used the most advanced ultra-start motor, it can produce high output torque when the loom operate. The purpose is to increase the beating force of first shuttle. At the same time, we adopted high torque electromagnetic brake to improve the braking force, in order to prevent the parking gear ,a nd to improve the quality of fabric.


Haijia Airjet Looms Jacquard


Haijia Airjet Looms Dobby


Haijia Airjet Looms CAM