HW3851 Series Water Jet Loom


Technical parameters

Nominal reed space :

150. 170. 190. 210. 230. 280. 300. 320. 340. 360

The effective width :

0~ - 500 - mm (standard); 0 - 700 - mm (optional)

The quantity of nozzle :

single nozzle. double nozzle. three nozzle. four nozzle

Openings way :

plain, cam, dobby, jacquard

Beating-up :

4-linkage beating-up (standard for common hollow shaft)

Scissors and feeler :

mechanical ceramic scissors; photoelectric weft detector

Beam diameter :

30 to 800 mm, 30,1000 mm (optional)


Technical Specification

Frame :

Loom Lord wallboard adopts high grades castiron,Seamless steel pipe Kingpiece-solidframe,vibration noise reduction Tempering treated Gable never deforms.

Shedding System :

Expanded Shedding Connecting Rod Expanded Lifting Shaft HealdFrame-broadside(120mm)&heavyStable,rebliable shedding.

Filling Feeler System :

Sensitive photoelectric weft feeler;yarn to hard twist yarn; low mousse to high mousse, all can be detected;stop running in a timely matter when weft break.

Selvage Supporting Decie :

5 rows of needles; broadened overarm support and runner cloth; strengthens support edge; more stable runner aoth.

Selvage Formation :

Pope form of fabric edge tightened, same thickness as base weave, no difference in color after dyeing; Aluminum planetary form-light, small vibration, suitable for high speed running.Nylon gear ring- reduces noise,decrease wear and tear,easy replacement.

Aluminum Alloy Componenton :

Water pipe block, weaving edge gear, etc. are treated by positive hard membrane-good looking and wear-resistant; Reed block and roller are stainless steel for the increased hardness and enti-corrosion.

One time oil filling :

Easy operation,one-time-oil filling gives the machine full running protection.

Beating system :

Crank connecting rod inertial beating and crank is machined by high freq, quench-ing, treatment, etc. which improved hardness and strength; ∮114x10mm seamless steel pipe-expanded diameter of rocking shaft; Multiple beat-up arm are forged to provide high strength for a long life; Reed block roller are made of stain-less steel,improved beating force for weaving high density, thickness,close texture and fullness in fabric.

Cutting system :

Ceramic or hard alloy blade-sharp and wear-resistant configured with imported connecting rod bearing, bearing, no matter rough or fine weft, all can be out precisely.

Bearing, Crankshaft :

All bearing are imported from Gemmer FAG,Japan NSK; Quenching treatment for crankshaft to enhance the wear-resistant and extend life.

Let-off system :

Semi-positive continuous let-off; enlarged sensor of interlocking warp; capable with current Chinese most advanced infinite variable speed mechanism to adjust let-off volume;Friction pad pressurize device to prevent reeling off; Suitable for big tension of thick fabric and guarantee stability.

Electronic take up type :

Smart design, easy to adjust; full automated rolling for all kinds of fa bric to ensu re synch ronicity.

Electronic let-off system :

Ensure the operation stability, suitable for large range of material, Faster swift between different materials, enhance the operation efficiency.


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