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GoldenJD was started in 2004, with the sole vision of providing exceptional customer support, and with that in mind, today we have expanded our business into various sectors such as embroidery jari and threads, yarns, and weaving machines.

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Textile Machinery

Haijia Waterjet Looms goldenjd
Haijia Waterjet Looms

Based on the ultra-high speed performance, the beating mechanism and opening device are optimized, and the weft insertion performance is further improved by cooperating with the newly developed U-shaped shortspacing nozzle.

Haijia Airjet Looms

The strong frame was adopted robust wallboard and solid beam, furthermore, we increase middle support to ensure that our loom could work in high speed, low noise and wider reed space.

Haijia Airjet Looms goldenjd
Kingtex Rapier Looms

With the perfect function of the international mainstream models, with a number of patented technologies, the machine technology reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, high speed, high efficient, intelligent, energy-saving, the maximum design speed 750 rpm, Economic speed 580-650 rpm.

Kingtex Rapier Looms  goldenjd

Our Specialties

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Value-Added Services

We offer complete assistance for machine installations that are ready to go into production immediately, Free Guidance and On-time Delivery within budget.

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High-Tech Service Station

We have set up tight-knit service stations, which are staffed by experts and located in exactly the right places to guarantee rapid reaction in times.

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Quality Assurance

Golden JD is committed to follow the best bussiness practices with the highest quality standards in serving the industry globally.


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